DayJanuary 20, 2008

La-La La-La

The family went to Uncle George’s house yesterday. We ALL played Rock Band (aunts & uncles included… lolol love my fam)… and then Sing Star, and then finally moved on to regular karaoke. My Uncle George’s game-room is way pimped out. There are two big big big screen televisions in there, and a normal sized one. One big TV is for this racing game for the PS2 (and there are “car seats” on there for realism…), the other is for video-games, TV, etc., and the last regular-sized one is for karaoke. When the karaoke is on, the lyrics are displayed on the big screen for the audience to read and the small one for the singer to read. Lol. There’s also a projector in there and a slide down screen… plus all the surround sound audio. We were all very impressed. It was hella tight before, but now it’s like suuuuper hella tight. (:

I had fun playing Rock Band. I like the drums the best. I can “feel” the music so much better on the drums than on the guitar. Hm, still, I was slightly depressed, but it’s easier to mask when you’re having fun! ^_^

We went to Ontario Mills (outlet/mall) today. Then we ate at CPK. Delicious!

Anyway, I’ve been procrastinating on blogging today just because something really is bothering and I very much do not want to blog about it. Sometimes I feel like a fucking over-dramatic person that always creates problems even when there isn’t one. Maybe I like to argue. Or I’m used to arguing… that it surprises me when one isn’t going on, for sure status.

Though it may not be obvious, I want to continue on in a similar note: I almost feel like I need to take another break from AIM. Certain aspects of it take over my life, and I’m tired of not living. There’s a certain anxiety that comes from not being connected. Strangely, it’s just somehow comforting to be connected, seeing other people online, even if you’re not talking to them. It gets lonely much too deeply too quickly. There has to be a way to rid myself of this feeling; I can’t stand it.

Anyway, my blog for the day is done. No matter how tempting it sounds to go to bed and sleep, I want to attempt to do something with the rest of my night. I need a really long and very specific to-do list. At the moment, I can’t function without lists. It’d be good to get some of these thoughts down (funny how I don’t feel comfortable writing these on my blog…). =\