DayJanuary 25, 2008

Have You Seen Anything?

I’m slightly sleepy … But I just had coffee so it sort of passed already. I slept for a total of three hours today!

Last night I got back from ASPB and Student Lobby meetings (but I also had a 40 minute long chat with David after them) at around 9:30pm. I had linguistics and Japanese homework to do… But I also had to do laundry ASAP status!

So… Rona and I went to the ground floor to the laundry room and then chilled in the game room in front of the big-screen TV. Needless to say, we pulled an all-nighter (almost, ityl) just because we felt like it.

We were laptopping for many hours and then finally we got to our homework.

Carina was with us until 3:30am but she didn’t have a reason to be awake (which I felt bad for because we kinda kept chatting and kept her up). She left since she was pretty tired by then.

Finally I started working pretty hardcore on my hw… And Japanese took forever! I only understood like half of the linguistics hw =/ but in wells.

I took my clothes upstairs (with Rona’s help) and then I just got the urge to clean my room and fold laundry. By the time I as done it was 6:30am and Rona took a 1.5 hour nap. At that point I took a shower and then we went to breakfast. Ugh, it was so bland!

Anyway, I had a quiz in Japanese, but I think I only got 15/20. Gah. We have a kanji quiz on Monday, an oral presentation on Tuesday, and a midterm on Thursday. O_O hella scary stuffs.

Hm, I didn’t go to linguistics but I gave Caloz-san my hw to turn in for me. He’s so nice (and cute lolol)!

Hm, then Mom called me to tell me the hotel we were going to stay at got partially burned. Like holy crap! It was the Monte Carlo. In any case we’re staying at The Mandalay Bay now (which I THINK is nicer???). Idk.

Next tragedy: the train was 2 hours late because two trains collided and got derailed. Then there was a mudslide or something like that.

Anyway, I’m in the car now on our way to Vegas. Hopefully no more tragedies!!


Hm, I had a moment of suicidal thoughts earlier today, but I think I’m okay right now.

(: There’s so much to do! Thank goodness for laptops and iPhones.

Lalala. I wish I could live happily ever after (but happy people seem so superficial and disgusting…). Why’s it always gotta be so hard?

“What what? I feel gangster right now.”
Kurandall-san laughed, “Nani nani?”

That was priceless.