DayJanuary 26, 2008

Night Lights

Las Vegas, night two. I’m incredibly tired and exhausted, but today was amazing. Walking on the strip, expensive room service ($120), a new pair of sunglasses (and bought my brother a pair, too). One story high fish tank. Magic show. Ligers, white tigers, tigers, lions. Life. City lights.

I really really love city environments.

Great day, fabulous photos. Will upload to image gallery! Hm, and for Elizabeth, I’ll put them on myspace, too. (:

Nap time till family comes back from gambling. And Auntie Elle arrives. ^_^

Can’t wait for tomorrow (it’s going to be a LONG day). After more time herethen train ride to SB and then all-nighter. Two essays due Monday. ): And a quiz in Japanese. Eek!!

Well, I’m off.