DayJanuary 30, 2008


I joined this past weekend. I think I’ll use that instead of a million post-its all over the place. Thus far I only have one list, but I’ll be typing down all my real-life lists onto the site. I don’t even really remember how I heard about tadalist… Oh, no, wait, I do. I read about it on some RSS Feed.

Hm, I went to Circuit City and purchased a new digi-cam considering I lost my old one. It was near and dear to my heart, but I moved on and got a better one! (: I canceled the order I made online since it would take an eternity to get it shipped.

I’m slightly tired and I still have to study for my Japanese midterm, which is tomorrow. I don’t really feel like studying… but I know I need to learn all of the vocabulary and the millions of grammar rules we’ve been learning. Lol, I won’t study, I know myself.

Talking on the phone so just peace outttt.