DayFebruary 1, 2008

A Sincere Apology

Dear Russian Club,

I didn’t know the Nexus screwed you guys over, really. Thanks for clarifying that for me, and I’ll be sure to take it back to Board. Forgive my language, but I was at a loss for words and had only a few minutes to write that entry. In no way did I mean to hurt or insult anyone. Peaceandlove, forreal. Though, it would have been nice for you to provide a real email so I could make sure you guys got this. Thanks for the comment, though, and I’m just curious as to how you found my personal blog. But life goes on.

At this very moment I am very much annoyed. People keep inviting themselves over to my bedroom and that is so not fucking cool. I feel like just leaving my room and letting her sleep in here if she really wants to… ugh. She didn’t even ask. Rona left after the movie and Nefi took that as cue to just fucking lie down in the bed and fall asleep.

Sorry to say, but I’m not down with that. I have my own sleeping patterns and I definitely mind having someone in here. What if I want to turn on the lights and watch another movie? I really was planning on it. So much for that. ):  Rona was kinda bitchy to have left me here. I asked verrrry nicely if she could just pretend to be sleeping in here until Nefi left. FUCK. And she’s waking up at 6am. I swear if that alarm wakes me up… asdjfaksdhfkasjf.

In other news, I watched Lust, Caution last night at Arts & Lectures. Loved it! I also got a movie poster that was just lying there. There were two. I got one and so did this other girl. (: Luckyyy. My walls finally have movie posters (and proudly all that I’ve liked and seen).

My cheeks feel really warm right now. Dunno why. My body is cold. I should go under the sheets but I’m sitting on my bed laptopping it up. Tralalala.

I think there’s need for another entry. Private entry. And still, that doesn’t feel quite safe. Ryan knows the password to the older password-protected entries, but thankfully not the new ones, even though he still asks me on AIM what it could be. And then one more reason for not writing a private entry, but eh.

Talked to Oregon today. Not that eventful. Very whatevers. I’m glad that conversation is over. Awkward. Oh em gee… I made up the awkward bunny with Rona. It’s so much cuter than the awkward turtle (which just looks weird).

I wish I could say tonight will be fun and chill, but no… it won’t be. I have to attend a Program Board event for lots o’ hours. The event itself will be fun, but getting there way early and leaving way late = tiring. Battle of the Bands will be fun, though, and I know Erica is going. (; lolol.

I just got off the phone with Sandy. I was making sure she was wide awake and still writing her 6 page essay. She’s only halfway done. Emo status! Before that I was talking to Twinkie. And before that, Elizabeth. And I’m not exactly sleepy… just tired-ish-like. Random blog… I might as well end it here.

Peaceandlove, seriously.