Debate This

“It took a Clinton to clean up the first Bush’s mess; it’ll take another Clinton to clean the second Bush’s mess,” is what Hillary Clinton said at the last democratic debate on Thursday night. I’ve been wanting to quote it since then, but have not even had the time! I think it was a brilliant and funny line in response to a question asked at the debate. (: Voting on Tuesday. Woot woot!

Chilled with Sandy today. We went to a Japanese restaurant and had boba milk tea, mochi, and a bento box. Omg, super delicious. Finally I got to eat. I didn’t eat all of Friday because there was absolutely no time… seriously. ): And as I tried to eat this morning for breakfast I just felt extremely nauseous since I hadn’t eaten anything, and in trying to finally eat it was impossible. So food = good!

So many random little thoughts, but nothing to really blog about (publicly).

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