Apathy or Sleepiness?

I was definitely OK before taking a “nap”… but I got texts right away so that killed some of my sleepiness. Now I feel tired, bleh, and my headache is still here. I don’t think I’ve been eating well, either. I just get really nauseous and that’s how I know I have to eat. Walk it off.

Finished working on ASPB stuff for a while… thank goodness. That’s off my shoulders for now. Sweet-ness.

Uhm, weird mini 5-second nightmare that woke me up. ): Dun wanna talk about it. Scared me really badly. And that’s why I woke up. Argh.

Busy week. I already saw everything I have to do. Hm, yeah… and then midterm on Tuesday. I’m so screwed. Whateverrrrr…

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