DayFebruary 5, 2008


That’s how many hours of sleep I got this morning. 4am to 8am. I stayed up semi-studying as best I could for my Social Psych midterm. Ugh, if I do badly on this I have to do extremely well on the next midterm and the final. I believe I can change my study habits, but I know I’m just saying that because this is a good week so far. ): It won’t always be that way… no matter how much I wish it.

Anyway, I actually fuhreaking woke up and got breakfast (a mango smoothie) and then walked to class. Yeah, I’m tired, but I have to think positively considering my day will NOT end until 1am-ish tomorrow morning. Bummer. At noon I have Japanese, then at 1 I’m going to go eat some lunch (gotta keep that energy going). At 2-ish I have to go back to FT and go vote!! First, I need to refresh my memory on the propositions, though. (: So maybe 3-ish is when I’ll get to go vote. I’m glad for this break, otherwise I wouldn’t have time to go vote, imagine that! Alright, so then at 6 I have to leave again to go proxy for Paulina for the RHA meeting from 6:30 to 8. Then I get to chill for some an hour-ish ‘cus at 9:30 I have the Program Board movie to go help with and attend. Then there’s the clean-up right after… so ugh.

I don’t know when I will get my hw done, and that’s really scary because I have linguistics homework due tomorrow, and as always, Japanese hw. Ooh, actually Valeria has TA Office Hours from 5-6… I could definitely probably make it if I come back to campus right away-ish. So much for having a rest break. Damn.

Oh yeah… my macbook is having “kernal panics” … why does Apple hate me? Sean and Tyler are helping me out with the prob, though, thankfully! Glad to know these people! And yeah, I’m starting to enjoy Program Board again. The meeting yesterday was actually fun. Sweeeet-ness.

My pass time to pick classes for Spring is on Feb. 12th. So soon! I went and decided what classes I want for next quarter on a time sheet I made. I hope I can get them. Forserious.

And, this might sound impulsive and sudden, but I don’t want my double-major to include Linguistics anymore. As I’m taking Linguistics 20 this quarter I realize, yeah, it’s fun… but I’m not that great at it (at least not now…). I walked in early to linguistics yesterday and I saw my professor from my Phil4: Intro To Ethics class that I took in the summer. And it brought back memories of how passionate I was in that class, and how well I did on the essays. So… I have resolved to make my double majors Psychology and Philosophy, Concentration II: Ethics and Public Policy. That way I can focus on psychology ethics. Sweet. I love it! I’ll be taking the required course for it next semester (hopefully) and I guess that will determine how well I like it. I hate to be so impulsive, but I feel rushed to pick something and take the classes already.

I also need to retake Math 34A next quarter, ugh. My GPA for Psych major pre-reqs has to be pretty high… so I shouldn’t try to wait… and just take it again considering I did pretty badly. But that’s life. Just walk it off.

Tralalala. (: Two blogs in one day. Not bad.


Still awake. I’m supposed to be studying, but I’m getting awfully distracted by so many things.

  • Is your IP address
  • Why did you leave such a strange and intriguing question in my FAQs? [I answered, btw]
  • Why did Rob delete his LJ?
  • Why did I re-install AIM after I uninstalled it?
  • Why can’t I bring myself to delete my myspace account?

These are mostly social psychology questions, I think. Thank goodness… that’s the midterm I have today… at 9:30am. Joy!

Okokok no joke, back to studying!