I woke up early this morning. Checked email, as I do at least 5x a day (or things to reply to would just accumulate like crazy…), and then I decided to read some RSS Feeds… Anyway, I did some hw, some RSS Feeds reading, etc. etc. and then I came upon an entry on BuzzSugar about some random new show called In Treatment. Mind you, I had NO CLUE as to what it was about… but the first 15 eps are free to download on iTunes and I figured I have lots o’ free time here and there so I put the first two eps on my iPhone.

Watched them while waiting here and there, and omgz it’s so funny, in a non-funny way… but to … people… like me, it’s just really funny. HEY PA! (: I think you’d enjoy it.

So anyway, I just got back from watching Helvetica, a documentary. Typography is orgasmic. (; Allz I gotz 2 say.

Sleepy… so sleepy… so I’m going to stay awake and do some stuffs.

3 thoughts on “inTREATMENT

  1. Hey thanks for the shout out. I should look into it. I just did some Google searches, and read some stuff.


    I think HBO is a pay channel here with certain cable subscriptions. I don’t have it. Still downloadable freebies are always good. I wonder if they’re available via the iTunes Canadian version. There is a difference. I remember trying to find stuff some time ago that was available in the U.S., and not in Canada!

    Give me a break!

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  2. I’ve never heard of that show. It sounds interesting though.
    You really like Typography? You should take my design history class, it’s literally all we talk about… 🙂 You might find the Megg’s History of Graphic Design textbook worth a look.

  3. Hmm, I’ve never heard of that show either, unfortunately I can’t download things off iTunes because my country doesn’t have an iTunes store, which sucks. 🙁

    Yay for graphic design! I absolutely adore Typography. 😀

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