DayFebruary 8, 2008

Darkness in the Light

Classes ended at 2pm today. Then I had lunch with Rona, Carina, and Erica. From there we went to Berrilicious to get icecream. It really was good. (: Then Erica needed to buy cereal and soy milk so we went to the market. Nice chill hanging out time.

Now I am in Program Board and we are going to have a listening party for Singer Songwriter until 7-ish. Then 7:15 we’re going to start working on setting up for Living Legends. Doors open at 9pm and then the night will end at about 1am-ish.

I’m hoping I will still have enough energy to get back and hang out with Carina and Rona. Lol. Rona and I are going to watch a movie… given I’m not dead tired. But my goal is to clean my room, no joke status. Argh it’s not even live-able right now. I can’t stand being in there. Most days I just try on like 3 different outfits or sleep, and then go. Pretty frustrating. And I love to keep my room clean.

Tomorrow I have plans to go watch a movie with Rona on state st. and also shop for some stuffz for her.

Lately I realize that I barely even have time to Twitter. ): Pretty emo stuff!

Anyway, yeahyeah my busy-ness begins now.

Omg, and I have so many emails to reply to and just a million things are accumulating. Laalaalaa… it’s okay. I’ll have some time at 1am-ish… right?

I wish, I wish, I wish. Nice timing, Hilary Duff. (:


I have resolved to go back to my original hair color even though I am very tempted to go back to red.

Japanese quiz today.

I’m sleepy. It’s 2:33AM.

Calm me with your lies. For one moment, can we just pretend?

I’m not making any sense.

Wo ai ni. Aishiteru.

Making new friends is fun. Learn to let go of the ones you don’t feel are worth the effort and the disappointment.

Smashing Pumpkins videos on Youtube, and on the verge of passing out. Friends are the best most days.