Darkness in the Light

Classes ended at 2pm today. Then I had lunch with Rona, Carina, and Erica. From there we went to Berrilicious to get icecream. It really was good. (: Then Erica needed to buy cereal and soy milk so we went to the market. Nice chill hanging out time.

Now I am in Program Board and we are going to have a listening party for Singer Songwriter until 7-ish. Then 7:15 we’re going to start working on setting up for Living Legends. Doors open at 9pm and then the night will end at about 1am-ish.

I’m hoping I will still have enough energy to get back and hang out with Carina and Rona. Lol. Rona and I are going to watch a movie… given I’m not dead tired. But my goal is to clean my room, no joke status. Argh it’s not even live-able right now. I can’t stand being in there. Most days I just try on like 3 different outfits or sleep, and then go. Pretty frustrating. And I love to keep my room clean.

Tomorrow I have plans to go watch a movie with Rona on state st. and also shop for some stuffz for her.

Lately I realize that I barely even have time to Twitter. ): Pretty emo stuff!

Anyway, yeahyeah my busy-ness begins now.

Omg, and I have so many emails to reply to and just a million things are accumulating. Laalaalaa… it’s okay. I’ll have some time at 1am-ish… right?

I wish, I wish, I wish. Nice timing, Hilary Duff. (:

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