DayFebruary 9, 2008


OKAY, Time crunch. Totally like about missed the blogging for today. *cries*

My weekend:

Living Legends were here for a concert on Friday night (which I worked, but didn’t do much at actual show except chill w/ boardies). Saturday, I went shopping with Rona. I got so many things at American Eagle (ugh, yeah… I’m shopping there again) for only $93. Seriously<3 And then we watched There Will Be Blood and Atonement (for the third time … I’m so over it). Thennn, Borders. I got two new books. ): I need to stop going to places where I can spend money. Tomorrow, from like 5-10 pm we have the screening of Whitest Kids U’Know at Corwin Pavilion (another ASPB event)…

There goes my weekend. (: