DayFebruary 10, 2008


I want to write about something. A few topics come to mind, but it’s quite unfortunate that I should feel the need to censor myself despite the fact that I know I should not. In all honesty, when this topic comes up on others’ blogs the first thing I say is that they ought not worry because it is their blog and they should feel comfortable typing whatever they please. Of course, master hypocrite here will not.

Sad thoughts come around, but they’re not bringing me depression, for which I am grateful. Though, that doesn’t make for any good writing (or at least what I consider “good”). Whatevz. Life is good.

Hm, I spent a greater part of today organizing my photos. First I separated them by year, then month, and then titled them by “## Title,” the ## being day. I finished 2006, and I suppose I could do 2002 since there are only a handful of photos in that. I have been meaning to organize my Pictures folder for some time, but I actually got to it today!

There are so many concerts/tours coming up, or they’re at least on sale now. I’m so tempted to purchase tickets, but at the same time… there are some time & schedule conflicts. ): Spring Retreat might be the same weekend as The Bamboozle Left, which I reaaaaally want to go to. Argh.

While I was organizing photos I found these two very interesting ones:



They can be clicked to be seen bigger. Anyway, this was a really cool setting on my old digi-ness cam (but of course I won’t ever find it now…) and yeah, I didn’t use it often, but I got some really artsy photos that way. ^_^ Hm, anyway, the photos are dated February 9, 2006. (:

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