DayFebruary 12, 2008

Blogging Is For The Lonely

Lmao, I wonder what that says about because this is going to be the third time blogging today. Just walk it off. Well, I mean, what is blogging, really? Isn’t it basically talking to yourself in written form because no one else is willing to hear it? Maybe that’s just my overly-dramatic opinion of blogging.

I just did homework for three hours straight. I have to admit, it feels good to do homework and study again. ^_^ I remember doing it so so sooo much 11th grade. I was such a dedicated person. And my friendships were never healthier. How did I balance? I’m trying to find that balance again, but it’s so damn hard! Well, not really… but it’s just very iffy-ish.

For example, the only reason I was abe to do homework for this long is because I stayed at The Hub (you know, on-campus) to do it all. I cannot focus at FT. At all. Being on-campus is refreshing, motivating, and all that. So… I’m thinking I should just stay on campus if possible. My grades are on the line. It currently feels like I’m failing all my classes (and I only have three!)… so you know… some changes are in order! [Random side-note: doing homework and studying makes me less hungry… ahahaha]

I’m just going to stay on-campus to have dinner. I already called Sandy up, but she’s not that hungry yet either. So now I just wait. That’s fine because I can just chill here and relax for a while (since all my hw is done). ^_^

Oh yes… I never did say what classes I chose for next quarter did I?

  • Phil 3: Critical Thinking (requirement for Philosophy major)
  • Phill 100A: Ethics (Iheartethics)
  • Math34A (yes, I’m re-taking it to get a better grade. ugh, utter waste of my time)
  • Japanese 3

17 units. Yes, I know… if I can barely handle the 12 this quarter aren’t I going to diiiie next quarter? (What with planning for Extravaganza as well…) So, I might not be making logical choices at the moment, but whatever. I just need to FOCUS. (:

Should I attend the Program Board movies tonight? I didn’t sign up to go so I’m not required, but I could just go and watch the movies. Though, the movies look pretty stupid this time around. Whatevz. Depends how I feel after dinner. How I wish I lived in one of the on-campus dorms.

Tralalala… I’m surprised by how great my iTunes library is… I have it on Party Shuffle now (due largely in part because fucking iTunes deleted all my ratings, and playcounts, etc.) and most of the stuff I hear is good. (: I wouldn’t be listening to this music otherwise! Imagine that.

Hah, well… I’ve written a lot today. I should do something else… or I might just keep on blogging. -_-; Lol.

Sitting At The Hub

Lol, the title to this sounds like a twitter. It very well could be, but I’ve noticed that I have been twittering less and less. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I know a lot of people twitter like what, once a day or once every few days? I think less is more.

There are currently protesters that walked in here from the Pardall tunnel. They are so hardcore status. No joke. They’re scaring me. Like yeah I did something similar at the UC Regents meeting, but idk, they are stomping and shit. I wonder if Hailey is with them; I know she said she wanted to participate. Omg, they are cutting into my music. ): What the hells. They have sooo many people and so many loudspeakers. Well, good for them. ^_^ Gotta make statements sometimes. Wow, some of their signs are so hardcore. OKAY, they have drums and guitars. What the helllllllsss? Cray cray status. They never end… so many people. Woot woot. Haha.

Mm, I picked my classes for Spring quarter at 11:15 this morning before heading to Japanese. I like my schedule. (: I think because my pass time is before all my fellow first years (b/c I’m a sophomore) that I get all the classes that I want. Lol. Hm, however, I only have one class on both Tuesday and Thursday… I see this as a major problem. I like blocking my classes so that I can just go from one to the next. However, if I only have one class it’s such a drag to go to campus. Urgh, but none of the classes I wanted to take were on Tuesday+Thursday, so they’re all MWF. Ugh. Those three days are going to be never-ending especially considering that Program Board meetings start at 4pm during Spring quarter and go for like 3-ish hours… crazzzzy shit man forreal. Anyway, eh.

Alright, Rona is staring at me from the balcony of The Hub so that we can go eat. It’s kinda creepy so I’mma get up and go ‘cus I am starvinggg. (:

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