Blogging Is For The Lonely

Lmao, I wonder what that says about because this is going to be the third time blogging today. Just walk it off. Well, I mean, what is blogging, really? Isn’t it basically talking to yourself in written form because no one else is willing to hear it? Maybe that’s just my overly-dramatic opinion of blogging.

I just did homework for three hours straight. I have to admit, it feels good to do homework and study again. ^_^ I remember doing it so so sooo much 11th grade. I was such a dedicated person. And my friendships were never healthier. How did I balance? I’m trying to find that balance again, but it’s so damn hard! Well, not really… but it’s just very iffy-ish.

For example, the only reason I was abe to do homework for this long is because I stayed at The Hub (you know, on-campus) to do it all. I cannot focus at FT. At all. Being on-campus is refreshing, motivating, and all that. So… I’m thinking I should just stay on campus if possible. My grades are on the line. It currently feels like I’m failing all my classes (and I only have three!)… so you know… some changes are in order! [Random side-note: doing homework and studying makes me less hungry… ahahaha]

I’m just going to stay on-campus to have dinner. I already called Sandy up, but she’s not that hungry yet either. So now I just wait. That’s fine because I can just chill here and relax for a while (since all my hw is done). ^_^

Oh yes… I never did say what classes I chose for next quarter did I?

  • Phil 3: Critical Thinking (requirement for Philosophy major)
  • Phill 100A: Ethics (Iheartethics)
  • Math34A (yes, I’m re-taking it to get a better grade. ugh, utter waste of my time)
  • Japanese 3

17 units. Yes, I know… if I can barely handle the 12 this quarter aren’t I going to diiiie next quarter? (What with planning for Extravaganza as well…) So, I might not be making logical choices at the moment, but whatever. I just need to FOCUS. (:

Should I attend the Program Board movies tonight? I didn’t sign up to go so I’m not required, but I could just go and watch the movies. Though, the movies look pretty stupid this time around. Whatevz. Depends how I feel after dinner. How I wish I lived in one of the on-campus dorms.

Tralalala… I’m surprised by how great my iTunes library is… I have it on Party Shuffle now (due largely in part because fucking iTunes deleted all my ratings, and playcounts, etc.) and most of the stuff I hear is good. (: I wouldn’t be listening to this music otherwise! Imagine that.

Hah, well… I’ve written a lot today. I should do something else… or I might just keep on blogging. -_-; Lol.

One thought on “Blogging Is For The Lonely

  1. lol i can never focus at home because there’s too many distractions so i have to plot myself in the campus library or something. XD

    as dorky as it sounds, accomplishing some hw/studying does give me a good feeling too. XD lol

    aww, nah. you’re not tlking to yourself. ;D

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