Rewarding Day

After my classes I went to lunch with Erica. (: Thennn I met up with la Rona and attended her class. Lol. I just laptopped and studied a lil’ bit while in there. The professor passed out Hershey kisses! Wow, I really picked a great day to attend someone else’s class. Lol, then one of the TAs had some survey and we got $5 cash right then and there to fill out one page of ridiculously easy questions. Talk about random… money and chocolate for one hour of sitting in there while I could have been sitting elsewhere without.

Rona and I went to the market and took a helllla lot of picturesss. (: Lol, they’re on myspace now. -_-; Funny, love the pics.

Man… I don’t really have anything to say, though today was good!

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