DayFebruary 14, 2008

I’m Slowly Running Out Of Titles

Blogging every single day for a year is really going to challenge me creatively. As it is I cannot think of titles for my blog entries, but I am seriously running out of ideas! Eh, that’s cool, though. I’ll have another burst of ideas soon-ish (I hope).

Aitez, well, I didn’t go to sleep until 5am this morning. ): Even though I’m sleepy or tired I just haven’t been able to sleep lately. It’s emo stuff. lolol. Hm, at least I watched a movie (The Painted Veil). Rona watched the first 30 mins with me but then she got sleepy, lol, so she left. XD;

I just decided I’m going to leave tomorrow at noon to go back home, considering it is a 3-day weekend. This will for sure enable me to dye my hair a week sooner than planned. The color I’m aiming for is this:


Jackie (left), and Me (right)

I want my hair to look the way I had it in the pic. (: Yeah, I’m just going back to old colors (though, of course, it won’t look exactly the same) because I can’t think of any more colors. =\ That’s aites, though. I loved this color when I had it. ^_^ Wait… I’ve loved every color… lmao.

Oh yeahhh… Happy Valentine’s Day.  Sandy got me a card and wrote the most hilarious rhyme in it! I love that girly, no joke status. lol.

Hm… there are lots o’ concerts coming up. I’ve already bought tickets to some… and more soon. XD; Ell oh ell. Fun fun.

On a random note, I should probably update my 101 in 1001 to reflect new information.

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