DayFebruary 15, 2008

Yet Another Friday

I don’t understand where my week goes, honestly. Last I remember it was never-ending Monday and now it’s Friday and I’m home for this 3-day weekend. Sandy drove David and myself home… but it took us three hours. o_o; There was so much traffic, it was unbelievable. Ugh. I’m guessing it’s because it was rush hour and also people are going places during this long weekend.  I mean, it typically takes Sandy an hour and a half to drive us home, but not this time. ): Emo stuffs.

America’s Next Top Model starts next week. Sexy sexy. I love ANTM; it’s just so fabulous.


I’m kind of iffy about this photo shoot, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty damn awesome, as always. (:

Oh man, I have a headache. So, I think my entry ends here. I’m also very tired and (finally) sleepy.