Shopping’s So Fabulous

Last night I went to bed at 10pm, and awoke at 5:20am. I got my aunt to wake up 10 minutes before her alarm went off, so she just got ready sooner. Lol. I went back to get under the covers and told my aunt that I would go to work with her since I was already awake and didn’t want to stay home alone.

I did my Japanese homework while Meme worked. We left at 9:45-ish to get to my hair appointment. ^_^ My hair is now a dark reddish color. I love love love it. ^_^ Pics are on my digi-cam so I’ll just post one when I get back to UCSB so I can just get them easily from the memory stick.

Afterward we went shopping… oh em gee. I got more clothes … Though the tanks from Reference were only $5. I was so surprised. Tanks are usually $15-$20-ish. So of course I got a few. (: Ack… and then I got these gorgeous gold sparkley high-heeled shoes. They’re so fab against my pale skin. (:

Hm… I think this is all I have to say for now!

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