DayFebruary 17, 2008

I’ll Be Leaving Soon

Sunday already. It feels like I have to go back to UCSB immediately, even though I still have another day. Hm, except everyone works tomorrow so it’s almost the same as going back on a Sunday night.

Hm, long and very fun day today.  But I’ll make a list.

  • Late morning start.
  • Coffee
  • Transferring of songs b/w aunt & myself
  • Nail salon
  • Target
  • Movie theater (Jumper)
  • Food
  • Back at aunt’s to eat food
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  • Relaxing

(: At different times throughout the day I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s a strange feeling. And at the most random of times, too. =\ I felt rather foolish, and I don’t think I can blame the sun. Omg, lol @ that line. But yeahyeah, I feel foolish for smiling so sporadically and no one exactly knows why so I prob. look really gay.

Hayden Christensen is so so so soooo sexy. The end(:

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