2 thoughts on “2nd Vlog! LOVE IT

  1. Hey,
    Nice Vlog! I hope you stick to making these, they seem like they are coming out pretty well quality wise. I hope you feel better. I can definitely understand having uneventful days, it happens to all of us.

  2. *grin*

    I watched both. We all think our own voices sound awful…well, a lot of people do. I don’t like mine but people say it’s alright.

    Watching movies alone is fine in my books. I live alone so hey… I also went out the other night to a theatre just down the way and caught a flick by myself. Sometimes I think it’s actually pretty cool to do that as you can just become completely absorbed in it–well if you can ignore any doofuses around you.

    It’s nicer if the theatre is almost empty…well, even if you’re with someone it’s always nicer if the theatre is almost empty!


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