Does It Kill? Does It Burn?


That was interesting. Though, I probably should not have said some of that. Kanji hurts! It really does. Were I young and naive I’d say hiragana all the way. Ah, but it doesn’t work that way. Mm, I’m slowly crashing and dying. Wait, I think I kinda semi-said that up there. *shrugs*  I only slept for two hours after all.

Today is my little brother’s birthday! He’s 12 now. (: I called him at 7am to wish him a happy birthday. By the sounds of his voice I think other family members called him much much much earlier to wake him up. Lol. He sounded so tired and sleepy.

I have to leave in like 30 minutes to attend a Program Board meeting. Some weeks I’m very active in ASPB and other weeks it’s like oh em gee leave me alone. Luckily my homework for Japanese is all done (it was thankfully very short and easy, for once!).

The vlogs are fun, and they’re also a very fast way to get an entry out for Blog365, but I wasn’t saying anything. lol. And … it’s awkward going to your own blog and there are videos of yourself just kinda sitting there. ^_^;

My sleeping schedule is going to be so fucked. I mean, if I go to bed when I come back from the meeting then I will wake up at like 1am or something crazy and then be tired all day long from not being able to go back to sleep. And! My Friday night will end at like 12 or 1am (on Saturday). Perhaps I’ll sleep for a few hours, and then I have to take the 6:30am train. *sigh* Again, thanks ASPB, how I love thee. Thinking about all this just makes me more tired. All I want to do is stay here and rest. But that’s not very responsible.

I said this in the very first paragraph, but I’ll be 19 next weekend. And of course… I will have to spend it with ASPB people on our “retreat”… but it definitely should not be called that. For sure I’m going to be miserable. =\ On my birthday of all days! Last year my birthday was emo business. I rather not re-discuss. Let me end my thoughts right around here.

May I be the fire that burns your soul?

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4 thoughts on “Does It Kill? Does It Burn?

  1. Omg, that sucks, but I know that if you’re not busy with things you probably won’t be any better. I know being busy and out and about is good for you, so hang in there! But I know the most depressing will be having to spend your birthday away and with those people. Well just don’t think about it that way, and celebrate it with your family before/after. Hey, do you know the hotel/place you’re gonna be staying at for that weekend? Give me the address. It’s important. XP

  2. Its weird, none of my friends Birthdays are so early on in the year but when I come online everyones is (yeah, mine too Feb 8th) its fun having an early birthday though I think!

    You have a fantastic site, I love it 🙂

    Daniel’s last blog post..Finally!

  3. When I was at uni I had the most awful sleeping pattern. A few hours a night would suffice. But I think it’s all a part of being that age! It just means you’re busy and still learning to juggle the fun and the work 🙂

    Far out, I’ve forgotten almost all of the Kanji symbols I ever learned… and let’s not even start on the actual Japanese words. Lol. I can only read about 10% of what you wrote… sad…

  4. Your site is really cool and you are so pretty! OMG I could not sleep only a few hours even if I did several months ago because of the homework… but I was so awful, really! I need to sleep a lot to be operational! But it is right that when I enjoy doing something I like to do it well even if it means not to sleep at least 8 hours! (sorry for my English but I’m French and actually… quite tired!! 🙂
    See you soon!

    GiGi’s last blog post..Trip to Paris

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