DayFebruary 23, 2008

The Shake

My body is shaking at the moment. I’m drinking my third cup of coffee for the day. The only sleep I’ve gotten between last night and all of today was a two hour nap on the train on my way back home. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much coffee in one day. The two cups in the morning were pretty light and without sugar; it’s the first time I’ve ever had coffee without any sugar! Okay, wait, I just got nauseous as I haven’t eaten anything today so forget this new cup of coffee. Water ftw! (: Healthier, too.

I must must must talk about the Singer/Songwriter Showcase last night. Anthony Green was brilliant. And he’s absolutely gorgeous. I was star-struck. After he performed he stayed afterward for a meet & greet with fans. After all the fans left us boardie members took photos with him. Oh em eff gee. So damn sexy. That will be myspaced and facebooked for sure. I was literally dying of happiness for like two hours. It gave me some energy … considering I never slept.

Anyway, I got back at 1am and I went to go wake up Rona-dear. She had taken a nap, but I insisted that she told me she would wake up and we would forreal do laundry. So… we did that until like almost 3.  At that time I went up to my dorm and folded all my laundry. You know, sometimes I feel like doing it right away and other times I won’t fold anything for like a week or two… lmao. Just depends.

After all that I decided it was time to take a shower. I was all done with that at around 5-ish. Then I mad-rushed to pack, but it was so hard to decide what to take/wear. (Considering I’m wearing what I chose, now, I’m glad I brought this because it’s just so damn cute!) A bit past 5 was when I called the taxi to come at 6am. I totally rushed to pack because at that time my suitcase was still completely empty. 0: lol… it was so hard to decide what kind of fabulous I was aiming for.

During the train ride I was semi-hungry, but not hungry at the same time. That’s been happening a lot lately. Like I won’t realize I’m hungry until I’m nauseous and then when I’m nauseous I can’t really eat. But then if I do I get full so damn fast. Eating issues. Sleeping issues. Health issues.

This is getting long so I need to split this into two blog entries. I’ll write the other one later. Gonna start a movie now! (: