The Sun Fades Away

On rare days during the week there seems there is nothing to do. Yesterday was such a day. Rona didn’t attend her Asian Lit class so the day was ours. I texted her asking if she wanted to do something … we don’t do everyday. Not that there is much to do in Santa Barbara, but whatever. We went to Downtown Santa Barbara and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. The lighting was nice, and the food delicious. (Lol @ mention of lighting, but that makes for great pics) Luckily I was hungry (for once lol) to enjoy the food & etc.

Of course, as always, Rona and I had to watch a movie. S’what we do. Charlie Bartlett. Oh em gee. Cute to the extreme and I lovedddd it. (: Forserious.

Well… by then it was 9-ish pm, but you know, the night was young… hah. So Rona and I resolved to go by the beach near campus. There are these stairs that lead to the beach down below, but it was a total Titanic moment as they were partially flooded (high tide) and wow… was I fucking scared even though the water couldn’t touch us. Photos o’ course. Here’s one:


Down below is where the water was… Rona wasn’t, but I was scared. The part of the stairs in which we were standing was above the water. And since I’m afraid of heights it was just awful looking down at the black abyss below. However, we did take pics! Lmao, any moment is a picture moment.


Click click the pics! (:

I do have some serious things I want to talk ’bouts but time constraints prohibit it! I have to leave for an ASPB Meeting soon-ish. =\

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