March 1st

It’s my birthday. Hah… nice blunt intro.

My love, Elizabeth, called me at 12:01 and Justine, my oldest (longest time) friend, called at 11:59. ^_^ How sweet of them. That’s why they’re my best friends. XD

Anyway, got lots of texts and calls, all very much appreciated! And after a call from Mary just now… she said Midori sent me an email from the iPhone. lol…


(Adela is my first name)

Isn’t she the cutest thing in the whole wide world? And ugh… if a baby isn’t cute I will say so. hahah… Omgz, I love my cousin. (: I do have one more picture, but I’ll edit it and put it up later. I have to get ready for some ASPB stuffs today!

Btw, it was really hard not blogging yesterday during the day of rest. 0: I wanted to blog so badly but you know… didn’t. Gots more to say, but I’ll edit this.

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4 thoughts on “March 1st

  1. omgg i am really sorry sorry i didnt call you like the other besties :-P. my phone ran out of batteries and it stayed in the car because we came home really late 🙁 grr sorry adela 😛 but i did call you in the morning my love <333. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!! even though its like midnight 🙁 so techincally its march 2nd. but idk why not celebrate it longer?? you know.
    well i know you are at that retreat but you are having fun which is good!! but too much fun damn girl you were supposed to call me back 🙁 haha jk its ok!!
    I LOVE LOVE ANY PIC OF MIDORI SHES SOO CUTE!! omgg thats the cutest birthday ever :-P!

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