First U.S. Concert

The two-girl Russian group t.A.T.u is performing at UCSB tonight and I believe it is their first-ever concert in the U.S. and it’s at my university. (: I’m part of Program Board and this event is co-sponsored with Russian Club. This will be an interesting night, that’s for sure! All boardies are required to attend this event so I will be there and it will most definitely be exciting! Fans had to line-up at the AS Ticket Office this morning to get tickets (free! btw).

I have a Program Board meeting from 6-7 and then preparation for the show will begin (for me) at 7. Doors open at 9, though. I figured I would take a nap before this, but I couldn’t really sleep… so I’m just blogging for the day, I suppose.


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2 thoughts on “First U.S. Concert

  1. Oh that’s so cool! … their first concert in the US? Wow. I thought they’d been here before. But awesome!

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