DayMarch 8, 2008

Details That Matter

Things I might not have mentioned:

  • I donated blood for the second time ever on Wednesday afternoon!
  • My finals are mostly next week instead of during finals week.
  • The reason for this is because I’m going to be in Washington D.C. for the first half of finals week.

Elizabeth and I talked for over an hour last night, and we just talked for 50 minutes. It’s so strange how we can understand each other and sometimes when she says things it sounds exactly like something I would say. Or the feeling is exactly the same as mine. Luckily we know each other and have each other… or I would swear like I’m a lone crazy freak with stupid thoughts.

On a different note, I get some emails about L.A. Times articles (and reading some articles today made me wish I actually read the newspaper, even though certain parts make me roll my eyes at how pretentious the writers are). So, I just read an article titled, “A deadly clash of emotions before Oxnard shooting.” It caught my attention because Oxnard is one hour south of Santa Barbara.

It annoyed me how right away they credited the 14-year old boy accused of shooting Larry to his messed up family life, claiming it’s the “cycle of violence.” Maybe I’m upset because I take this personally or feel as though I can relate to the violence… (long story, don’t ask). Lots of people don’t grow up in happy two-parent homes and they turn out alright without killing anyone. Ugh, maybe I’m just annoyed and upset because it almost feels like they’re accusing me of being capable of perpetuating this so-called cycle. ): Argh.

The world is so messed up.