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Wow, I’ve been accidentally sending twitters today making test posts on the localhost version of WordPress (I use xampp). The plugins that I use on my actual domain are also on the test wordpress site so that everything can be mimicked and coded the way it would be on my domain.

Alright, I have spent two days coding this new layout, paying very close attention to detail. Though, I had started coding this layout a loooong time ago… I just stopped after getting down the basics. At least I know this new layout is probably going to be up for a very long time… ugh, like always. Anyway, the design is (once again) mostly CSS, but I’ve tried to add a lot of images here and there to spice it up a bit. Lolol.

Why is it that certain people always offer the same thing? Geez, I can’t get specific ‘cus… (but regards べんきょうする) So there we go!

Been talking to Elizabeth a LOT lately. Good stuff. She calls me her other half ‘cus I can finish her sentences for her, and we just get each other. Magical. We’re still different people, but there’s a certain level of understanding I don’t think anyone else could even dream of attaining. I love her to pieces. Now, if only she were a guy we’d be set for life. lolol that’s what we used to tell each other anyway. She’s got a boyfriend. ): Haha.

Okay forreal. Study time!!!!!

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One thought on “My Real Post For The Day

  1. Aww, I’m happy to hear that you’ve found another half of you. I’ve been searching for a friend just in that description, it’s hard when all the young people my age are still partying and talking about beating eachother up. This layout is real cute, good job.

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