Take Me Away To Paradise

Lololol… I love Green Day. Uh, anyway.

Both Japanese finals today. I think they went well/at least alright. Nothing too bad. But maybe that’s ‘cus it’s over and all that… so it’s in the past and now it’s whateverz.  Though, after all that studying I really do feel like I know more Japanese than I realized. S’pretty cool. (:

Mm… going to Washington D.C. tonight. I dunno… maybe I have issues, but I’m not like overly excited. Maybe I’m emotionally broken. Except I’m not exactly apathetic. Oh who knows. Best not to think about it.

Ugh… I’ve been coding nonstop… but yeah… I’m still not done! It’ll be done soon… ‘cus I’m very excited about all the attention to detail with this layout.

Lalala… gotta finish doing stuff before I leave. Wow, I used a lot of ellipses in this entry. I must be very distracted/absent-minded.

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3 thoughts on “Take Me Away To Paradise

  1. You’re tagging your files wrong…it’s definitely Longview and not Long View.

    As for the layout, looking forward to it…there’s apparently a problem with this one, the parts of it scroll over the background line and i doubt that’s what you wanted…?

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