Backdated: Lobby Clinic Notes

Bill Schiebler, Dionne (sp?), Scott Lu → add to facebook

→ Office of member of Congress
(meet with legislators
go to office/mtg room and talk)

strong ask @ end (commitment)

1. Leg Briefing – found out which higher education acts lobbying for

  • Be prepared
  • # ppl registered to vote UCSB

2. Demystifying your legislative target

  • Read biography (get along, casual, make it easier [relational])
  • Know how they voted

3. Strategically choose your roles

  • Educate them about how system effects us

4. Show your electoral power
5. Debrief your lobby visit

  • Don’t talk shit in the hall (lol)

Lobbying Roles
1. Facilitator

  • Intro agenda, meeting stays on task

2. Organizer

  • Call office, confirm appt, lobby visit folders

3. Notetaker

  • a. Records all questions asked & responses
  • b. Writes down followup
    (will you be voting for ______)
    “yes”, “no”, etc., ask if can attend press conference!

4. Testimonials

  • Personal stories, yours or friend
  • How affected

7 Steps To Successful Lobby Visit

Lobbying Tools
1. Congressional Voting Record
2. Program Awardees
3. Lobbying Talking Points
4. Lobby Visit Folder
(Leave-behinds inside)

Lol… compliment sandwich
– validate them on what they actually do, but them make pt. and nail it.

Sample Agenda
1. Opening
2. Intro
3. The “Thank You” (validate)
4. Issues/Personal Stories
5. Ask (one or one after every issue)
6. Wrap Up

Year?: 17% of budget
Now 11% to education

Role Play
Legislator – me! Lol.

Need to personalize
How programs have benefited

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