Backdated: On The Plane From D.C.

Wow, that was a great experience today, lobbying…

Our school and schools from all over the country stayed at The L’enfant in Washington D.C. from Friday to Tuesday (well, for me, at least… others coming back Wednesday). I don’t even know how to summarize all that we did. Every day was a 12 hour day with workshops, delegation meetings, legislative briefings, regional meetings (Can I get a GPIT?! HEYYYY!) lmao… GPIT stands for Golden Pacific Is Terrific. Golden Pacific is the name of the region of school in California, Arizona, and some other states… lmao.

Oh man… well this morning we had to meet up at the front lobby of the hotel at 8:30am (ungodly hour, forreal status) so that we could all march to Capitol Hill together. We basically rallied with all 400 of us carrying signs, chanting, etc. Some of the things we chanted were:
– “What do we want?” “FREE EDUCATION!” “When do we want it?” “NOW!”
– “Education is a right! It’s our right. This is our fight.”
– “Everywhere we go (everywhere we go), people wanna know (people wanna know) who we are (who we are) so we tell them (so we tell them). We are the students (the mighty mighty students). Fighting for justice. And an education.”
– “We’re fed up!” “Can’t take it no more!”

When we got to a park we had a press conference. We basically said what we wanted and why, and etc. After about an hour of that we all dispersed and I went with Miguel, Jose, and Tina so we could find the building in which Congresswoman Lois Capps worked at so we could go lobby. Our appointment wasn’t until 1pm so we had over an hour to get some food, take photos around D.C., and etc. It was pretty damn fucking awesome, that’s for sure!! (:

I definitely want to go back next year!! (: Amazing, really.

Mm, I’mma watch a movie now… but I’ve written for the day and I honestly cannot describe how great and awesome it all was.

Ohoh!! And I made some amazing friends from UC Berkeley (Michelle, Dionne, Meghan). I sort of just struck up a friendship with them right away and I had dinner with them every night (+ Danny, Scott Lu, Bill Schiebler, Courtney Weaver). AND… I developed a major crush on the most gorgeous girl ever. Her name’s Kristi, and she attends Skyline, which is in NorCal. I need to find her on facebook… except of all people, I did NOT catch her last name. Argh… but anyway, every time we ran into each other I couldn’t stop staring into her eyes and I would just get all flustered and I’d get lost for words. She did smile every time and she always made it a point to talk to me… Omg she was just so amazingly gorgeous, cute, sexy… everything. <3 *sigh* I honestly hope to see her again or at least srsly find her on facebook. I dun have any photos of her, which is pretty emo stuff. How I first noticed her, apart from her gorgeous looks, was because I loved the way she wore her eyeliner… lmao. I’m so into make-up… >_>;

Anyway, yesyesyesss… movie time!!

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