DayMarch 21, 2008

All The Angels Fell

Going out with Auntie Meme today!! I called her earlier today to see if she wanted to go eat tacos somewhere in LA (it’s very exciting that way) and go drink champurado… but I don’t know how to describe what that is in English. lmao. Then we’re also going to ze movies. Hm, not sure what movie I want to go see now, but we’ll see when we get there later.

I’m making attempts to go outsss and get out of the house so I’m not so pensive and depressed-ish. Right now I’m outside and taking in the warm sun and the cool breeze. Can’t live life locked inside your own mind. Even though that’s comfortable.

I don’t want to do something stupid like call Elizabeth or Matthew and express stupid worries/concerns/thoughts. It’s not my style! And yet, I feel like I need to … and that’s why I keep blogging, to see if I can get to the root of what the fuuuhreak is bothering me.

For sure, school. I don’t think I should take Japanese 3 next quarter. For one, I don’t have time to do homework every night. It’d be easier for me to just write essays for a class instead of legitimately studying every damn night just for one class that doesn’t go towards my major in the least. I realized that the class I focus the most on is Japanese, and that’s not good… ugh. I can’t keep taking class P/NP just because I know I spent too much time working on Japanese. Seriously.

And then of course, Program Board. I haven’t learned to manage my time well enough to have something like ASPB to add on to my plate in addition to school. It just seems as though I have been making all the wrong decisions this entire school year.

Especially being friends with people I shouldn’t even bother with because it’s only killing me and affecting me more. I hate to be dramatic and say I have to eliminate these people from my life, but it’s the truth. I dont’ want to do it, I really don’t, because if I were to regret my decision nothing would be the same. It’s silly of me to expect the same treatment after saying, “Heyyy peace out, fool.”

No matter how dedicated I feel at the start of a new quarter an early exhaustion takes over.

Mm, aunt’s here. Again, I have to go… but that’s OK. I’ll write more later, that’s for sure!!

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