Lost In The Dark

Instead of silly ramblings describing how tired I am this entry is now edited and will contain pics galore. (:

I spent last night wandering around Westwood after reuniting with my dear friend Chelsey, who I haven’t seen since 9th grade, at UCLA. Naturally, there are pix!

While this photo has nothing to do with Chelsey or anything for that matter, it is an ad I saw in a magazine and I absolutely adore it so I figured I’d just throw it in there:


After watching a movie, these girlies got gangstah:
(Chelsey, Rona)

Rona, and Myself:

CoRONA looking at the menu of the only place open at midnight (Denny’s):



Lol, idk what my bestie is doing, but it’s funny/cute:

Me&Chels, all smiles:

I temp moved to the other side of the booth to take a quick pic with my bestie Rona. I made the Rona Face! lol, I really do love it lots!:

Back at the dorms, we met this cutie named Danny. She has amazingly cute hair:

Rona suggested we go to Alvin’s door and write strange love notes to him. We caught HER red-handed, with that sneaky look on her face:

Very very serious girlies:

But with Rona, I can’t contain my joy:

Then this morning I left UCLA and hung out with my twin aunts, Uncle, and of courseeee Baby Midori:

Here’s a list of all that I did:

  • Walked around Westwood (area near UCLA)
  • Watched The Bank Job
  • Got an icecream cookie sandwich at midnight
  • Ate at Denny’s and had a superamazingawesome conversation with these chicas. No moments of silence, and all laughter. We’re great together.
  • Got back to the dorms at 2am.
  • Met Danny, this super cute girl that definitely looks like an anime character.
  • Watched From Hell in Chelsey’s dorm.
  • Fell asleep in Chelsey’s armsss (lol), while Rona was all alone. Lmao. (;
  • Woke up, and left! ): But promised to go back to hang out. Chelsey also promised to go to UCSB to visit us, too.
  • Went to Auntie Maggie’s house and ate lunch with her and Auntie Meme.
  • Went to Uncle George’s house.
  • Played DDR for an hour.
  • Went to see Nicole’s last basketball game.
  • Back at Mom’s!

Yeyey for fun days of Spring Break. (: Tomorrow will be equally exciting.

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