DayApril 2, 2008

One Minute

Dear Evening,

There isn’t much I want to say tonight. Earlier in the evening I came across an LJ Community of people that write/decorate their journals and then scan the entries to post up for everyone to see. It’s inspiring. I want to grab paint, scissors, magazines, photos, and just decorate a journal’s every page.

Oh, but evening, you make me really tired and sleepy. You make for awkward memories. Yesterday evening you gave me a migraine that led me to take way too many sleeping pills (when I could easily have taken Nyquil, like seriously). Monday evening, like tonight, I’m just so very exhausted and sleepy. It’s not fair! Tomorrow I have nothing to do, no reason to wake up early so I figure I should enjoy my evening, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

No matter what, I am going to watch something or other tonight!