DayApril 3, 2008


Dear ASPB Boardies,

The show tonight was really fun! Call time was much too early, but because of that we all ate Woodstock’s pizza together. Some good conversations, most definitely. And also lots of drama going on! What with spring elections and deciding if we’re still going to be on board next year and if so what positions we’re running for. I totally respect the hush-hush from you McSweeney. However, since Carissa isn’t going to apply for Films Coordinator I want to apply. Other positions I want to apply for I’m not going to say, but that’s OK.

Mm, sorry I left early, but school night after all! I have to wake up at 7am tomorrow morning unfortunately. I hope you guys have fun at retreat this weekend!

Hirashiki and I are going to Bamboozle Left this weekend, though. And Carissa has another retreat so not all of us will be there. Hopefully come Monday meeting there will be some repetition as to what went down at all the meetings this weekend!

Never have I felt more comfortable or as close to you guys.

Boardie love,

P.S. Sorry for bad entry. Focusing on watching a movie (that I hate).