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Dear Diary/Journal/Blog,

I just got back from Irvine less than a half hour ago. Brian dropped off Jessica, Lauren, and Megan at the hotel, and that’s when I just sort of decided fuck day two of bamboozle. Day one was super fun and lalala (more on this in a bit), but I think I’m getting sick. I’ve been sneezing, my voice sounds a bit different, and runny nose. ): Kinda emo. So I’m either getting sick or I’m developing allergies for the first time in my life. Lolol. Iono, it’s iffy because I have been just sneezing sporadically the past couple of days.

Since Friday I wasn’t in much of a concert-going mood… I just wanted to do my homework, sleep in some, read, and relax at UCSB this weekend. It was just too tiring for me to leave and go do something like Bamboozle this weekend. My body is sore (from exercising lately) as it is and now + day of standing = exhausted. Ohoh and the possibility of a cold (I just sneezed again ugh wtf man).

So going today I was already tired, and then you know all the fucking pushing and shoving that’s always included when you’re all the way in the front near the stage. Draining. Are my sentences even making sense at the moment? Shit, I’m tired. Anyway, yeahhh… that’s what my post last night was about. Fucking Paramore crowd was way too intense. Dangerously violent. So much so that for the first fucking time ever I seriously just got the fuck out and walked away from the stage. I couldn’t even hear the music (even though I was near the frontttt) because I had to keep pushing people off me. Girls all around me were falling and everyone started sweating profusely. Hayley (the vocalist) asked if the crowd felt like dancing and no joke everyone yelled out, “NO!” just because it was fucking awful. Too many fucking big ass guys kept trying to get to the front; it was annoying. A crazy amount of people started crowd surfing and I think that’s when my ear piercing (one at the top) started coming loose and when I left the stage my left ear was in pain. I touched it and as I did the earring fell out. It was already dark out so I wasn’t going to bother looking for it. I ran to the bathroom as fast I could and my ear was bleeding. Ugh. So I put in my regular ear piercing in at the top so it wouldn’t close, but damnnn that hurt. Fo’ sho.

Now I have to go buy new earrings for the top so they can match… they’re both blue atm, but one has a black border and the other a silver. Argh. I think that just pissed me off and added to my exhaustion.

So yeah… I’ll be missing Red Jumpsuit and My Chem, but dude I don’t think I would have been able to handle another day of brutal torture like that. The bands in day 2 are more hardcore than day 1, too. So fuck thaaaat. It’s just one day, and a few bands that I like. There’s still Warped, and even better, normal indoor concerts that don’t get as fucking crazy. So you know, whatever. Told Jessica she could do whatever she wanted with my ticket, so hopefully someone will be able to use it & enjoy it. *shrugs* At this point I don’t really care.

For sure though, I’m glad to be back. I’m actually looking forward to getting my homework done, and just being productive in some way as opposed to just spending a shitload of money on band merch. Oooh… but I fucking love my purple The All-American Rejects jacket. It is sooo damn soft and warm, and an amazing color. (: I also got a baby blue Armor For Sleep t-shirt, and a To Write Love On Her Arms pin and bracelet. I wanted to buy either the hoodie or a pink shirt ‘cus I love the cause… but ehh… my bag was starting to look bulky. Lol. I can always order that online, though.

Armor For Sleep t-shirt:

I can’t find my purple hooded jacket anywhere online, but maybe I’ll take a pic of it later as I’m currently wearing it and it’s just so warm. XD


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