Icon Making

Mm, I’m feeling slightly artsy I think. I just made two icons, and maybe I’ll make more or just stop here. I almost want to design a layout, but I have no ideas at the moment. I’m thinking in color, which is kind of abstract… dunno what would come of it. Graphics, probably, but not a layout.

The second one I made first, and yeah it’s not 100×100 icon size, but it’s not like I’m going to use it anywhere. Lol. As for that first one… Rona loved it even though I believe we’re both making weird-looking faces. xD And yessss, I used the infamous soft pink round brush. Cute trend, most definitely.

Lmao, I’m down to show the original images, both of which were taken on my webcam in the dark so the quality is iffy:

The second one definitely required a lot of selective coloring &etc. because the light from the monitor pale-ified me and it looks all… green. XD I fixed the coloring completely… and then… in the icon I used a navy blue exclusion layer which made it come back to the way it looked like originally almost… lmao. Mm, and o’ course fixed Rona’s nail color. Haha

Funfunfun times. Should I make more I think I’m going to post them. OH! Wow, I should have an icon page on here… what with the new gallery option in WordPress 2.5. Hmmm…

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