DayApril 9, 2008

I’m Fired Up

To Whom It May Concern:

Today was exhilarating!!

So apart from classes and the mind&brain numbness (from last night’s sleeping pills and suicidal thoughts), today was fucking beautiful.

As I was headed to lunch at 1pm I saw someone’s Access Card on the floor (student ID, basically). I didn’t really know what to do with it considering the person that lost it wouldn’t know where they dropped it and/or which lost&found, if any, someone would have taken it to. So… I quickly used my iPhone to facebook this girl and sent her a message. I left my cell # in the message and sure enough later in the day she called me. She happened to be eating at The Arbor as I was passing by it. So I told her, “Oh wow… I’m right here, too… I’m wearing purple.” And it was so cool ‘cus I handed her her access card and then she gave me a hug. It was so cute! Good deed of the day forsure status! Loved it.

Anyway, at around this time David called me to tell me about an issue he felt strongly about, and I totally felt the passion and channeled it. Forsure. So what was once Paulina’s issue became David’s issue and then totally became my issue.

Come the Legislative Council meeting at 5pm I went and spoke during Public Forum. it was so heated! Fuckin’ some people need to stop with the badgering ‘cus it was not appreciated. Argh.

Anyway, basically, I went to speak in regards to RHA’s monthly newsletter The Flush that advertises the RHA President’s name and picture and statements. It just so happens that in the past two years RHA President has gotten an Executive Position in Leg Council. And now Corey Huber is running for EVPSA (for OPP, btw) and I feel that the name recognition he is getting is unfair. The Flush is in every bathroom stall of every residence hall on-campus, and in FT. How are first-years supposed to make an educated vote regarding execs when come Spring Elections time they’re only going to see his name on every issue?! It would be best if his name/picture/voice were not on The Flush for spring quarter. And by ‘his’ I just mean the RHA President. I am in no way personally attacking Corey Huber.

It was just very interesting to see that all those running for positions in Open People’s Party were very against what I (and a few other people that came with) were saying. Party lines has nothing to do with this and oh hell no… Narain was totally attacking me. ARGH. Members of Student VOICE! (party I’m reppin’) were totally on my side and backing me up. It was plain to see that only OPP was attacking. Like seriously, it was so heated and exhilarating.

Like seriously, even David made a public comment afterward and he was SO DAMN HEATED. He was shaking and so into it! We all clapped and stuff, forsureeee. Snaps to Davidd!! I might be quoted in tomorrow’s issue of the Nexus!!! That’s what’s most exciting of all. Though, Paulina’s bill regarding this will likely not be passed, but the point was to bring it to the attention of Leg Council (and some other stuff… but you know… this blog is public…).

I applied for a position at the MCC as a receptionist and they’re totally hiring right now. One girl is even going to quit so there’s another available position right there! Forrrsure. Dude, I need me more money with the way I’m spending it. Ugh. And heyyy MCC is right across from the AS Program Board Office so that’ll be pretty sweet. I also turned in an application for the AS Main Office receptionist or cashier at the AS Ticket Office, but they’re not hiring just yet, not until summer or fall quarter. That’s most definitely not soon enough! Moneyyy. And it’s so perfect because the MCC needs a receptionist Tuesdays and Thursdays and oh wow… I don’t have any classes those days. (; Yey!

Today was absolutely beautiful in every way.