Dear Blog,

Today was pretty interesting. Woke up a bit later than usual (so I got a bit more sleep yey!) which was awesome. I woke up not really wanting to go to class, but I’ve resolved not to miss any classes this quarter. That leads to slacking off forsure status.

Anyway, I went and lalala. And then I had lunch a few hours early with Alyssa, a Program Board volunteer. She’s so cute!! She also went to Bamboozle Left, and it only sucks that we didn’t know because we could have met up and hung out, but that’s aites. We chatted it up for an hour as we ate; it was pretty sweet. The girl’s really nice! Might go shopping with her tomorrow morning, too. (:

Mm, there’s a Program Board event going on right now. Lol… just came back to the office really quickly to blog. Urgh… not that many people there, but gotta make the best of it you know? It’d be so unprofessional to have just canceled the show so it goes on!!

Rona and I are gonna go to IV and eat somewhere after the show, most definitely. Kinda hungry right now… except not really. I ate some cereal at like 5pm and ew… just ate two Snickers minis (the cute small ones) so now I feel full. Seriously, I get full too fast and hungry at the most inconvenient times. *shrugs* Gots to fix that eventually.

Tomorrow night I think girls and I are going out to dinner in State St., which will be awesome fun! (: I already know what I want to wear… ahaha… anyway. Argh, Ronachica works Sunday night. ): WHYYY?! Kinda emo status. But whatevz. XD Gotta do homework sometime right?

Mmkies I’mma go back to The Hub now for the event.


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