DayApril 12, 2008

Backdated: Written Yesterday

Backdated to reflect date & time of when actually written, though was published later.

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being so supportive. The email you sent back to me was definitely appreciated. I’m glad we have a great phone relationship (‘cus we both know it gets very sketchy come face to face). It makes me happy to hear that you support what I do on-campus (even if it’s controversial lol…) instead of saying I should only focus on classes/grades.

Although downplayed that I feel my grades for Winter quarter do not merit any kind of gift I’m so glad you didn’t take it negatively. My classes this quarter are so much more interesting and hopefully that translates into amazing grades. (: Though, you really don’t have to get me anything. 0: It makes me feel bad receiving a present for something I’m supposed to be doing anyway. But, thanks Mom.