DayApril 19, 2008

Visiting France

Dearest Me,

I love how spontaneous I am. (: Mm, hate how I spend so much money all the time, but… that almost can’t be helped. Impulsive. Compulsive. Lalala. Anyway, keeping this positive!

Originally we were going to go to Ventura for the day, but I was so extremely tired from working the show last night that I didn’t want to travel that far. So Nefi and I decided to have breakfast here in FT and then reformulate a plan. Basically we decided to go to State St., but we planned to stay away from State St., if that makes sense.

Early in the day I made two goals; one was to take a picture of a complete stranger, and secondly, to take a picture of an animal. Less than a minute after making the former goal (made these separately) I started to take a photo of these amazingly pretty pink flowers, but some French guy (with a sexy accent) got in front of my camera and jokingly asked to be in my picture. He practically offered to be the stranger in my photo so I told him, “Okay! Really, can I take your picture?” (: I did, and Nefi was in the picture, too. Afterward we had a quick conversation and we shook hands. It was pretty bomb! (Will come back to the latter goal)

Taking the back streets nearer the residential areas we found so much pretty and rather interesting architecture. So I snapped away and took pics. Mm, and then! I found a Paul Mitchell school salon!! Isn’t that amazing? I sure know I have gone back home a few times just to dye my hair. Now I don’t have to anymore! Sweetness.

Nefi and I wandered back to the main street, State, and decided to get Rite Aid ice-cream! Earlier in the day I had called our hanging out time Chocolate and Vanilla time. Lol… but what’s funny is that I don’t like vanilla. So anyway, we were chatting about how fun it is hanging out and Nefi said we complement each other. haha… I looked at our ice-cream and mine was chocolate and hers vanilla. So yeahyeah I started laughing and pointing at our skin color and ice-cream (‘cus that’s how we joke around).

There are these 25cent buses that go down State St. and Nefi proposed we take one considering there was nothing else to do. So we did!! And we went down to the wharf and walked all the way down the pier. Down the pier there was a small boat that we decided to get on. Wow, so much fun! And this is where my animal goal comes in. I didn’t end up taking a pic of say, a dog or anything, but seals! (: A much more interesting animal indeed!!

For all the fun we had we spent under $5 today. 0: That’s just incredible to me. >_x I typically spend so much money, but I told Nefi I needed to stop spending money so we strayed farfarfar away from all the clothes stores.

Oooh!! I found a photography store, though. They sold holgas there… and lots of other amazing camera goodies. I nearly died of excitement, but reminded myself I couldn’t buy anything. Agh, it was so hard because I’ve been wanting a holga for a while now. >_>; Just thinking about it gets my heart beating a tad bit faster. xD;

When we got back Nefi made me spaghetti! (: ‘Twas very delicious! Thanks darlinggg<3 xD Haha… we were talking about how Raymond and Rona ought to go on a date together because they’re both jealous that she and I have been spending time together. >_x Like, seriously? We can have other friends, too!! Oh wells. People will feel as they feel.


(lol, yeah, sounds like “I love me,” and atm, life is good!)