DayApril 22, 2008

Oh Dear God

ELL OH ELL. For sure.

This is creativity:

Just for funniness, creativity, and paying for the ad I’d respond. Haha.

William Tell, guitarist from Something Corporate, was here to perform a noon Storke plaza show. Shit was dope. He can singgg<3! Amazing, forreally.

Mm, watched Control last night at IV Theater. >_>; I cried like three times. Wtfz, I’m turning into a girl! 0: Lol. No, seriously it was such a brilliant movie. Amazing in every way.

I’ve been hanging out on campus today, and in the office. Nothing much to do today. It just helps to be around people… if I spend a day locked up in one room I start getting majorly depressed.

Speaking of depression and random illnesses maybe it’s time I visit ze doctor again. Might be a good idea, I think. I haven’t taken my pills in like 5 weeks already. Time flies. FLIIIIES. I kinda like that, though.

I want to get older faster. I’m so tired of being this age… mm, am I? No maybe not… whatever. I’m not making sense.

I realize this post isn’t really a letter, but I’m almost over the whole April Letter theme.