DayApril 23, 2008

I Take You Seriously

Tralalala. I could write. And by that I mean a blog entry of substance. Or full of personal thoughts. Whatever. Same difference. But I’m not so sure I feel like doing any more thinking than I need to. (:

I’m wondering If I should go hang out with Ana, Jessica, and Alex’s sorority tonight. A part of me wants to go just to hang out with some different people and expose myself to new places and crowds, but right now I’m also realizing that it’s so much work being social. Though I have to say that I believe I’m a good conversationalist (irl at least). And already knowing three of them makes it easier. It’s not like I’m throwing myself into a house full of strangers. Lol, that’d be awkward.

It’s always very hard to type/say/think things like “I’m a good conversationalist,” in which I’m in a sense complimenting myself because I feel as though someone is going to leap out at me and just say otherwise. And if anyone says otherwise I can’t dispute the fact because they’re the ones that “know better” as they’re the ones that have to fuhreaking listen to me talk. (Using the words “have to” loosely) …right, anyway. I have self-esteem issuuuues.

I’m so sleepy right now. I love having an hour off after each of my classes. And I love having a whole day off after a day of classes. Totally suits me. And optimizes my productivity I think. Good stuffs.

Damnit…! I just remembered I was supposed to do something at 1:30 today, but unfortunately that didn’t happen so I guess that means I’ll have to go sometime Friday… omg. So much to do!!

Right now I’m thinking of just staying in the office until 6:30-ish. That way Nefi and I can head back to FT together (this assuming I don’t go to the sorority hanging out thingy). Sooo tired. That’s all I can think about right now.

My hair looks nice today. (: Lol, oh so random. My hair’s been looking nice for a while… sweetness~ and been adding accessories to my outfits lately, too. Oh so girlyyy. (: Funniness.

Why is ______ turning into an asshole? He walks and talks like he owns the fucking place. It’s starting to get super annoying. He wasn’t that way when I first met him. I totally dislike him these days and find it hard to vote for anything he says at meetings. And woah-ness totally crushing on ____! Though he and ___ are really rather close so that’s somewhat suspicious. Ehh whatevers. Puts a spin on life.

I’ve lost my voice.