AS Elections

The results of the AS Elections were announced about an hour ago. I’m severely disappointed… only 4 Student Voice members won. … OPP used illegal campaigning techniques and now they’ve won. The MOST unqualified people have won and will be the legislative council for next year… really? I mean, really?

In better news, the Extravaganza line-up is done… now just talking about how to announce it. Publicity can be exciting, I guess. Mm, in the end I’m just OKish with our line-up. Nothing TOO exciting for ME personally, but for others I’m sure they’ll be stoked.

Omg, the people in OPP in Program Board are taking about elections and they’re being so very annoying. They need to stfu and stop making side comments. Ugh.

I always regret eating Panda Express though it smells pretty good… now I feel sick and nauseous. It’s also my fault for eating so much, too.

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