DayApril 25, 2008

Tsk tsk wordpress!

Oooh so now I find out the leave comments option was somehow not working? The lovely PA mentioned it in a comment she left me (on her blog, of all places!)… and now another person just mentioned it. Maybe I should have gotten a tiiiny bit suspicious when I wasn’t getting any comments? Or I was just too busy to care about comments, or at least pretended as much…

As a random side note, I now have myself a pretend lover every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. lol. I’m breaking a rule by saying this, but oh how I love thee, Steve. <3

Ethics midterm today at 2pm. Joyyy. I should definitely be studying right now, but I’m too finicky to do anything. I feel too restless. Hopefully this doesn’t last all day… I don’t want to go to math. But I will. I’m acting from duty. I have a good will. (lol)

Ethicssss midterm. Fuck, I need to be studying. So problematic to my life.

Hm… been designing some stuff lately… And although this doesn’t seem related, my photography is getting better. And yes, they are related. Using photos in my designs. (: Bammm. Sexy. But the layout won’t be used until Juin, for a very legit reason. xD But there’s a layout planned for May. Now if only I can get to coding because I know it takes me an eternity…!

Argh, busy right now. Damnit, I’m going to be late to class.