DayApril 26, 2008

A Feel Good Saturday

I watched The Bourne Supremacy after coming back home from the Minus The Bear show. I think it’s the show that’s run the latest at The Hub, ever. It ended at 1am so boardies were done at 2. I got back, tired, lalala… and then decided I wanted to watch my netflix. (: lol

The Minus The Bear show was incredible. They’re really awesome and everyone in the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it by the looks of it. Mm, I have to say I definitely loveddd Portugal The Man, even more so than Minus. But whatevz, they were both frick’n awesome. I’m not sure who the first opener was… lol… I should definitely know this, but I don’t much feel like looking it up (even though it’s right on the program board website).

I woke up at 10 this morning and got a start on my laundry! I didn’t finish until like 1pm-ish, at which point I went back upstairs, folded ALL my clothes (sweetness) and then showered. It’s a really warm day today so the day was pretty bomb what with my windows opened completely and my music blasting. Good stuffs. Why does [rock] music sound so much better when it’s really loud?

Mm, I do think I’m going to head out soon-ish and make something of my night. [: Fo’ sho. Funfun.