DayApril 27, 2008

Day of Sun

What a day! My Sunday began quite strangely. I was working on one of my sites late into the night, being productive! and all that… when I received a wonderful text message from my lovely Steve. The boy does know how to surprise and amaze. To be just a tad more specific it was a love message with an angsty photo of him that had the “I’m missing you” look in his eyes. A love song was attached and played in the background. How very romantic, yes?

Afterward I got on the phone with Elizabeth♥ my best friend and true love of my life. *hugs her* We had been texting, but it definitely was not enough so I suggested she call me and even though she refused at first she did eventually. We talked for nearly two hours, into the early early hours of the morning. I love this girl! She’s an amazing friend, and a gorgeous person inside and out. Most definitely.

And even though I went to bed late… I awoke at 6:30am after only three hours of sleep! What is the deal with that? Awkward sleeping patterns, sadly. I went back to sleep and then woke up at 10am. And while I’m being time-specific, I got a call from Steve at 12:30. *hugs*

Plans later tonight with ze Ronadear & Nefertiti. I’m looking forward to it! (: It feels like I haven’t hung out with Rona for two weeks, and the feeling is right because it’s true.

It’s time to rekindle those three friendships that slowly were starting to wither these past two weeks!

Breathe easy.