Flash Mob

Sooo! I just found out what a flash mob is… considering we’re going to have one Wednesday to announce the Extravaganza ’08 line-up. We haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet; that will be discussed tonight at the meeting.

I’m so sleepy and tired. I was falling asleep in Phil 3 this morning. I mean, it doesn’t help how monotonous the professor sounds and how dry the material is in addition to lack of sleep. This morning I woke up at 6am and it was extremely light outside (and my curtains were wide open). I went back to sleep a little bit, woke up again at 6:30… and then woke up again a bit before 7am. My alarm is for 7:20 but I was just like whatever, woke up and went to the shower ahead of schedule.

Things with Rona have been rather shaky lately. Our friendship has just been kind of rocky for two weeks, sadly. Everything she does annoys me to a scary extreme and I can’t explain it. (Okay well I can, but ergh I hate how that’s my excuse for everything.)

Lots of thoughts. No wish to write them. I am content keeping to myself.

It’s time to start taking my pills again, isn’t it?

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