DayApril 30, 2008

The X’08 Line-up Revealed

The line-up for Extravaganza 2008 is as follows:




Blue Scholars.

Out of State.

I’m so glad to say that all the booking is DONE! (: The huge poster that fell from Storke Plaza today was nothing short of amazingggg!

On another, separate note I joined Command Shift 3 a while back… well not that long ago, but a bit ago. And I’ve started to get ratings~ Oh, exciting. The summary of my site is here. Thanks to Jon Tan for letting me know about Command Shift 3.

Just got back from math midterm. I think it went well except for the last problem… ugh. UGH! Why!? If it is wrong (which I’m pretty sure it is) then the highest I can get is a B on the midterm. Talk about depressing. Whatever, I’m over it! (Ok not really, eh.)

Day 2 (or 3?) of sadness. I wonder if I should keep a mood journal of some sort. So exhausted.

Reminder to self: Check on PC to see if I own song Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. (: