MonthMay 2008

Movie Day

Decided this morning to watch a tooooon of movies.

What I have watched thus far:

  1. Rocky I
  2. The Fugitive
  3. Hostage
  4. Rocky II
  5. Psycho
  6. Rocky III
  7. Maid In Manhattan

*ahem* Yes… it’s been a slow day. I’ve been watching these non-stop. Well I only took one 20 minute break, completely unplanned, that’s delaying me some, but no matter! (:


Alright, well the day didn’t start off so well. I WAS going to go back to UCSB this morning and then come back later tonight but ugh… I was so tired that I kind of just said forget it. But now I feel extremely guilty not having attended class. Not once have I missed Ethics or Math this quarter (well, ’till today). =\

The only reason I’m staying this weekend is because I have to babysit Chris on Saturday. Mom and all the women in the family (except me and lil’ Midori-chan), and family friends are going to a hotel, taking photos, spa, etc. and then going to watch Sex and the City.

What sucks is that I didn’t bring my macbook with me since I thought I was only staying until this morning. T_T I feel incomplete. Luckily I have clothes here I guess, but all my fave stuff is in my dorm. *emo tears* AND, I found all my size 1 jeans/clothes… … … that was a depressing reality check. Definitely it’s time to get back into action~! lol…

Okay so yesterday I was in a much better mood than I am today. My little brother and I got into an argument (and he’s now punished – forbidden from playing any video games for a MONTH). Yeah, it was a bad argument and I was being responsible and lalala… but he fucking got out of control. So before I go on about how amazing Thrice and Circa were last night I think I’m going to make a list of things…

  • G3xwk
  • Yg
  • HHCl?

Okay yes that nonsensical list means something to me.

Argh, I’m in too bad a mood to describe yesterday. In short: Amazing. Fun. Danced. Sang lots. Drenched in sweat, and not just mine… >>; hahaha…

Cuts and bruises.

Best Damn Day Ever

Today I spent the day with the high-school group sans David (say his name in a French accent plz); that includes Jean, Vy, Elizabeth, and Pedro. We stopped by Cerritos CC so Elizabeth could speak to her TA about her grade but he wasn’t there. We happened to stop by the library there and ran into Gina and Paula M. from high-school! It was pretty damn cool for sure. (:

Afterward we were all hungry and we decided to eat at TGIF, which I’d never been to, at the Cerritos Towne Center. I had the cajun shrimp and chicken fettuccini pasta. Oh em gee-ness. So delicious. (: Then we stopped by Borders… and that’s when we got crazy and shit. We couldn’t stop laughing at everything. We probably looked like high-schoolers on crack or something. lmao. But it was amazingly fun. <3

We got Pedro to get twitter … lol … so now all of us have it. Yeyyy!! We kept twittering and we were all in different aisles at Borders and it was just fucking hilarious. Lol, you could hear all the beeps go off at once. XD Funny stuffs.

Jean then had the idea slash craving for icecream. It just so happened a Coldstone was nearby. XD We went, got icecream/fattened ourselves up. Oh so yummm~

Aites THEN!!!!!! I headed to Hollywood for the Thrice/Circa Survive concert. O_O SO AMAZING. This deserves an entry all its own (when I’m not on a time limit to post this shit and not so dead tired). Tomorrow that’s what my entry will be about. 😀

Officially best day in a while. No, this whole WEEK was fucking damn beyond words amazing.

Going back to school tomorrow to attend classes then coming back at night to spend the weekend. lmao. I literally lived in a suitcase this whole fucking week. Not once did I sleep in my dorm. Crazy status. LOVE IT. <3

Pictures later, too~!


): I feel sickly.

So you think you can dance was on tonight. <3 LOOOOVE THAT SHOW.

I am back home. I was only at UCSB for a day to attend classes.

Circa Survive/Thrice concert tomorrow night!!

Spending the day with Elizabeth, Jean, Vy, and Pedro tomorrow! YEYYYY. 😀

Tired. So so so so tired. And a little mixed state-ish.